Wedding cake- lu’s guide & tips

You said yes! Big congratulations, I’m over the moon for you and luckily that’s where your dream cake awaits.

Piece of cake       

Along with the stunning dress & gorgeous venue, your wedding cake is a focal point of the big day. It’s often a main feature at the venue, with lots of pictures being taken of it, you posing with it and cutting it and will be remembered for the rest of your lives.

I’ve put together a guide to help you choose the perfect combination of flavours and design details to show your guests a little piece of your love for each other.



The venue can help to inspire or influence the design of your cake, e.g, is the venue large, small, rustic, colourful, dark, modern, tall ceilings, outside... Consider where the cake will be placed, check with your venue-  most venues will already have a designated table and often a cake stand. Your cake will normally be on display for a long time, while it may be a style that creates plenty of impact alone, there are lots of ways to dress your cake table to add to the style of the venue or a theme by adding things such as displays of small cakes, biscuit jars, meringues, candles, fabrics or loose fresh flowers. Just ask Lu if you would like help sourcing any of these additions. You may even prefer a dessert table to a full tiered wedding cake.



Seasons can affect flavour choices, summer weddings will be much more suited to lighter cakes such as zesty, fruity or vanilla based ones whilst winter weddings can accommodate a richer cake such as sticky toffee or fruit cake.

Guests will often appreciate a choice if you are having multiple tiered cakes, remember whilst you want to choose a cake that you both like as a couple, you won’t have to eat every tier so you can choose a big crowd pleaser even if it’s not your favourite, so long as your favourite is involved somewhere!

Allergies need to be thought about, your guests should let you know if they have any allergies, Bakerlu can always provide a full list of ingredients when requested and flavour labels are recommended. Ask your stationer to fit these in with your theme, or ask Lu to print some plain ones.



Portions needed can vary so much, here’s my guidance

Wedding portions vs generous portions

Cake sizing on my website is based on generous portions (2” x 2”), a wedding portion is half size (1“ x 2”)

In my experience, the more interesting cake flavours would happily get gobbled up in the generous portions as guests are more intrigued to try them, classic flavours are best to go with wedding portions. Not everyone will eat cake but personally I’d like to know I’ve catered for enough for every guest to have at least 1 piece. Most of the Bakerlu cakes stay delicious for a minimum of 5 days and most are suitable for freezing. Other things to think about is if you have any other sweets or desserts then you may not need as much cake.

It’s really down to yourselves as a couple with what size you’d like to choose, there’s no right or wrong. Evening guests are normally included in your portion requirements.

Kitchen Cake

This is especially useful if you have a small budget or lots of people to feed, it’s a separate slab of cake that the catering staff keep in the kitchen and add to the portions when cutting up your main cake.  It’s a  great way to save money as it doesn’t require lots of decoration.

N & J.jpg

Budget Tips

I will always try my best to design something you love to suit your budget, just ask any questions you like and don’t be shy.

Highly decorative cakes that include lots of beautiful hand crafted sugar pieces take a lot of time so naturally will have a price that reflects that. As a guide - large flowers such as rose or peony start from £5 each, handmade figurines start from £15 each. Multiple small flowers from my selection of cutters can cover an entire 6” cake from £20. Fresh or silk flowers are more budget friendly and sometimes will suit the style anyway. There are many beautiful wooden sign cake toppers and various cake stands available on the market, ask if you would like me to source one as I can sometimes get a trade discount.

Fondant/sugar paste covered cakes are more expensive than buttercream/ganache cakes.

Choosing one of my pre-designed cakes in a colour of your choice could save you money as there will be less design and consultation time needed.

It’s not common but it is possible - if you want the height but don’t have the budget we can have fake tiers, they are decorated like the rest of the cake so no one will notice.

Inspired by Shannon Bond Cake Design in Texas, metallic elements added to fit in perfectly with the industrial venue

Inspired by Shannon Bond Cake Design in Texas, metallic elements added to fit in perfectly with the industrial venue

Inspiration from other cake designers

I can make almost anything but I am an artist & prefer to put my own spin on things. We can certainly take inspiration from other artists but I’d also love for you to have something unique to you as a couple to make your day all the more special.


Hot & humid weather is out of your control if you are having a summer wedding, Lu can recommend the best fillings, flavours & finishes to keep your cake happy. Cake is traditionally cut in the evening which means it is often sitting in warm environment and can cause things to move slightly. I use the correct supports and have found the best ingredients to optimise it’s beauty all day. In the rare event that you should encounter any problems, just get someone to call.


As standard I deliver your cake to the venue and arrange the timings and access directly with them to ease pressure from yourselves. Tiered cakes are carried in separate boxes and assembled at the venue, any finishing touches or delicate items are also done at the venue, this normally takes up to an hour to complete. You are welcome to collect the cake fully assembled but do so at your own risk and under guidance provided.

Have your cake and eat it

With all the wonderful things that fill your day, make sure eating some of your own cake is part of it. Together, we’ve created a masterpiece that represents your love so enjoy your day don’t forget to eat the cake!